Radio 2 Listeners: I'm revoking your license to have an opinion

Radio 2 Listeners: I’m revoking your license to have an opinion

Now this is a tough one. The spirit of the freethinking movement is to encourage conversation about music, to encourage opening your mind to new sounds. To encourage an opinion. The problem is, sometimes the opinion seems so totally at odds with ‘what’s right’ that I have to hold my hand up. Here goes… Over […]

Coldplay. They weren't always bobbins.

Coldplay. They weren’t always bobbins.

I’ve got a difficult relationship with Coldplay. Actually, let me correct that: I was clear on Coldplay, then it became difficult, but now it’s gone back to being crystal clear. The turn of events is as follows: First album: brilliant. Properly brilliant. Second album: ‘iffy’. Difficult relationship begins and continues in a straight line through […]