The many versions of 'Where's Your Love Been?'

The many versions of ‘Where’s Your Love Been?’

Talkin’ Loud was pretty much always reliable. From the heavyweights of Omar, Galliano and the Young Disciples through to the lesser known artists like the K-Creative – in the early 90s there were few labels which you would look to for a safer bet. It was with this in mind that I remember picking up […]

the council movement

the council movement

I’ve argued that Weller’s creative peak was with The Style Council. It was a period characterised by an explosion in the influences in his music. Mick Talbot was clearly a huge factor in this evolution. He’s rarely celebrated. He should be. This is a mix which I did for the King Truman project – ‘a […]

Joanne Grauer. You won't have heard of her.

Joanne Grauer. You won’t have heard of her.

This isn’t going to be easy. I know near on nothing about the subject of this blog post. I say that, but what I mean is that I know nothing about the artist. Other than the fact that she’s responsible for one of my favourite pieces of music. Ever. So – it’s worth having a […]